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Dec 27, 2012 10:00pm PST
williams from the department of indian affairs. uh, what, uh... don't let the mask cause you any concern, inspector. this is the lone ranger. the lone ranger. say, i have heard a lot about you. glad to meet you, inspector. father bautista, has told me about the order exiling the indians from their homes. well, that ordered was issued to protect the food and supplies we send to the indians. what do you mean? we aren't getting through. they've been attacked? that's right, the renegade indians. they slaugher the drivers and take the supplies. you're positive it's done by indians? that's the report from one of our own agents, jim lackey. yes, he should know. but to call any indian found off the reservation a renegade? oh, that was the army's idea not ours. i see. now you see why i was concerned about, tonto. i'll see to it that nothing happens to tonto. i'll start for the washita, right away. do you mind if i ride along with you? i'm on a tour of inspection. that's where i'm going. glad to have you, inspector. bye, father. adios, father, and many thanks for your hospitality. you are most wel
Dec 27, 2012 10:00pm EST
, saw it was your car. figured it was stolen. - hey, ron, why don't you get me out of these handcuffs, so i can put you into these handcuffs. - yes, and officer, why don't you take off those handcuffs? i want this to be a fair fight. - officer, did you see any sign of a passenger? [thumping from trunk] - ron! - there we go. - hey! [thumping] help. >> we have been preparing for months. we have seen mockups of the compound. we have looked at helicopter flight p patteatterns. >> the president said it's a go. >> in that situation you just do some praying. >> what were you watching? >> we were able to monitor in real time what was taking place. >> the mood was tense. >> we could see the helicopters and our guys moving. >> when we saw the helicopters spinning, we said that was not the plan. >> we were all holding our breath. >> everyone went whoa. >> we thought about if there was a failure here, it would have disastrous consequences. >> when we got the message that they had killed bin laden, it wasn't over. >> the only thing that i was thinking about was i really want to get those guys back
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2